Calling for ideas

After months of searching we have found some creative images that feature the well-matured human form – ripened2perfection. We have attempted to feature some of these on this site. They mainly sit within a narrow artistic approach and intention.

It remains almost impossible to find images of mature males that are not flesh coloured poor porn, legs open look at my GENITALS and potentially for a gay audience (no judgement there). The female images are usually found in the genre “boudoir”. These at time do capture a degree of the erotic and are creative in terms of composition, lighting and allure. But predominately constructed for the male gaze.

At the same time we have found thousands of stunning monotone and colour images featuring beautiful younger bodies (try Tumbler and Pinterest yourself). However again male images tend to focus on the ripped super bodies and proud cock theme. Yes we accept not always but as a general theme this prevails.

Is it not possible to transpose these arts making and design techniques to photographing mature bodies?

A challenge – Do a Google search along the lines of erotic mature photographs or mature nude images and not get a “granny” porn site (we hate that term) or old bloke with a younger women or the other way around (the so called Cougar).

See if you can find a site containing or that sells mature erotic pornograhy for couples or featuring older couples etc. Sorry or the amature post out there simply do not count!

Good luck.

We would love to see great production values and creative lighting and themes. Please note again – not amateur home made so-called “oldies” on Red tube and similar sites.

We are saddened that the male gaze certainly continues to dominate the recording of the majority of nudes. The focus being on the female form being documented for the male gaze (with apologies to women who love looking at female forms). This creates a genre that is heavily shaped by both a male and youth construct of the erotic and often with a preoccupation with genitals and money shots.

This is not to discount that many of these images are not only both superb technically as photographic images and but also sensual/erotic in subject matter.

Is there anyone else out there who has an opinion on our comments or a desire to see high quality artistic photographic imagery and erotic film that features well vintaged bodies?

Are we so dominated by the media constructs of youth, ”beauty” and fashion that no one cares?

We simply cannot believe that we are the only people  in our mid to late fifties who are seeking such material?  To both enrich our creative lives and to stimulate our mature sexuality and lust for erotica.


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