FOUND DELIGHTS – A grab bag of imagery.

Just because we like the content and photograhic qualities. This will grow, change and may be cheeky! It is about fun as well remember.

One person’s fantasy is another person’s reality – try not to judge to hard.

Camp_Jenyns retro_contast_seamed_stockings_ss13_ct_2_large eaf44e0cbcb425e4862de9865d7ac98c

Brett Weston Brett Weston: Underwater Nude. 1979.
Brett Weston Brett Weston

15QD000A  Frenzy__Bodyscape_by_FrenzyModel  RobertoFerriMorteDiAmore


6221618742_6cb7dc31ef tumblr_lykspjeu0L1qh7jlwo1_12805589772647_a301759216_b

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