Internet Reacts to Nude Photos of an Elderly Couple JUNE 27TH, 2016

A series of nude portraits showing an older, interracial couple is winning the hearts of many on Facebook.

The following image, which was taken by Arizona-based photographer Jade Beall, has been shared more than 15,000 times and racked up 21,000 likes on the social media platform. The people in the photo are 75-year-old Gerry and 70-year-old Darwin, “beloveds for over 20 years,” Beall wrote.,width:486,height:657,type:facebook,_context:referrer:,canonicalUrl:,pageViewId:222,location:href:,tagName:AMP-FACEBOOK,mode:localDev:false,development:false,minified:true,lite:false,test:false,version:011475796420615,canary:false,hidden:false,amp3pSentinel:0-3598059333732297436,initialIntersection:time:1476143355921,rootBounds:left:0,top:0,width:1267,height:674,bottom:674,right:1267,x:0,y:0,boundingClientRect:left:0,top:623,width:1267,height:1713,bottom:2336,right:1267,x:0,y:623,intersectionRect:left:0,top:623,width:1267,height:51,bottom:674,right:1267,x:0,y:623,intersectionRatio:0.0297723292469352,startTime:1476143355918

“I refuse to accept the wide spread (mostly Western) [sic] human belief system in regards to what is beautiful, especially when it comes to the sacred vessel we call our body,” wrote Beall, who is starting a new series on couples over the age of 60. “Why do we accept to believe that one thing must be more beautiful than another? Why cannot we embrace a million-billion definitions of beautiful?”

Beall told ATTN: via email that her new photo series of elders has been a long time coming, as a lot of elderly individuals have expressed to her that they feel “invisible in our culture” today:

“I have been wanting to create a series of elders as so many women, and men, write me expressing how they feel invisible in our culture. Finding willing models has been a challenge, but Gerry and Darwin said yes and we had so much fun in the shoot. I knew people would like the photo, but I am shocked at how far it has reached, 2.8 million people according to my [Facebook] analytics.”

Beall said she has come to see that “the world is ready to expand [its] definition of beautiful and [she hopes] to do a book on this precious subject.”

Gerry, the woman in the photo, told Beall: “I love my body. I use a cane, [I] am having vision problems and my breasts reach to my waist, but you know what? I like me!”

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