The mystery of the aesthetic, exotic and erotic.

Visit as the folio is now being rebuilt.

Still looking for images the have the essence of aesthetic, exotic and erotic.
In particular featuring high quality black and white images that celebrate more matured and ripened bodies.
Very, very hard to find!
Artist quality photographs with excellent compositions and lighting – NOT so called grannie or MILF porn, both terms we hate and only used here as examples of what we will not feature.
So does mature erotic subject matter in image making actually exist. Or is the prevailing bias towards “perfection”, idealization and youth just to dominate to overcome. Do we only hope to get the aesthetic, exotic and erotic delivered via the lens of a confused male gaze?
The enormous global demographic that is seeking more than overt imagery of flesh coloured genitalia with ridiculous backgrounds and settings is being ignored. Why, even given their wealth and influence.
So do we conclude that “beauty” and the erotic can only be a passing event? Are we all simply personalities and bodies diminishing gradually with our sexual zeniths but fleeting moments or now just memories?
The lack of seriously creative  and well-made mature imagery would suggest so. Yet the technical and creative expertise to create such art clearly exist.
We suggest that it  has to be about subject matter and content selection. Combined with the perception that such an aesthetic is not desired or sort by others, making it not commercial or marketable. (We hope that this alone is certainly NOT at the forefront of art making and creative intention)

Perhaps the narcissistic construct of beauty found in advertising and a “money making” paradigm has won?

But there is another element that needs to be considered in this particular perception.

Are we not  all on the same path and journey and may  all feel the fading  and lose of sexual currency. No one curious at all in recording or interpreting this journey? Perhaps we prefer to remain denial and turn a “blind eye” to the ageing process.

So, a question for everyone. When would you be considered or believe yourself ripened to perfection? Maybe soon, one day, now, yesterday, cannot remember anymore ……..


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