Mature Erotica – a call for a new perspective

Our search continues in a (to date) unsuccessful attempt to find artistic and erotic still or moving photographic imagery of and for mature singles or couples!

It is, we believe, currently impossible to do so.

We are in the second half of our fifties and believe we are representative of a huge pool of active, modern thinking, physically fit and sexually informed people. Yes that includes the “boomers” and the creators and participants of the free love movements and so called sexual revolution.

Yet despite that,  this group are simple not catered for anywhere or featured within sensitively designed and produced pornography, visual arts, much erotic literature or mature narratives or celebrated in creative image making – especially photography.

An untapped market, growing in number and wealth! You would think the business case would be very compeling!

The imagery, which is typically available, is what we refer to as “pink” low level and totally non-erotic mainstream porn exposures or “flashes”. It is rather sad and reminiscent of early “dirty ”magazines of the past sold in brown paper bags.

The other attempts one can find are to be found in the many so-called “amateur” porn postings that have such poor production they are impossible to be bothered with and show mechanical sex, not erotica (Humans rutting is not at all our sort of cuisine).

Oh and yes do not start us on the so called disgustingly named and derogatory term “granny porn”, or older people with younger “hot” bodies and the so-called cougars etc., etc. Go away mainstream – you have enough of a market to last a lifetime of profits!

So it is our view that those people of a fine vintage need to reclaim and redefine the current narrow clichéd concept and lens of “what beauty and the erotic looks like”.

To demand that the sort of amazing high quality erotic imagery featuring younger subject matter (that can be found on numerous sites and blogs) become more inclusive to all ages and sexual preferences and lifestyles. That the limited range of erotic imagery made that embraces a feminine sensitivity and perspective join with us and also feature the mature examples that are available.

It is time to feature all those who are ripened to perfection, both physically and by life experiences. Let us become a key part of the celebration and creation of a realistic erotic milieu.

215000 a98508_old-tattoo_13 Jupiter-and-olympia tumblr_mbyej6Obt21qih6lso1_500 tumblr_m35frrvnUG1qih6lso1_250 tumblr_mtibe7vcvw1qih6lso1_500 Vitals_211111_1218rxxs

Here is some images as food for thought – we have been searching and searching for ideas!

If anyone online has found such examples or content please send us a link.

Unknowncouple3Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 11.01.26 AMwork.6492529.1.flat,550x550,075,

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